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Diana MacDonald

Words are not enough to express how grateful I am for Sara Gasch and the love and gratitude I feel for her. She is extremely kind, humble, intuitive, knowledgeable, compassionate, genuine, authentic, patient, and loving.

Using hand analysis and ThetaHealing, she helped me find the thing under the thing on many occasions. She is divinely guided and connected. She guided me on my highest path of healing with dream interpretation, navigating relationships, clearing trauma and generational beliefs, finding my way, my path, and my purpose.

Sara is the best teacher, mentor and guide I’ve ever had. Her kind, gentle ways allowed me to step in and take classes for the joy of learning. I have taken Soul Purpose Mapping Hand Analysis, five ThetaHealing Classes, Holy Fire Reiki, Intuitive Reiki and two Angel Classes from her. Every class helped me in my personal growth and understanding of myself.
I could go on and on about the profound effects Sara has had on me. I am grateful, thankful and blessed to have her in my life.

Anneliese Swingle

Words can not express how amazing Sara Gasch is not only as a psychic, but also as a very gifted teacher. Upon meeting Sara and observing her do Theta healing on me, I quickly realized that I wanted to know how to help heal others just like she helped me. When I found out she taught Theta classes as well as Reiki classes, soul mapping classes and so many more, I knew I was going to be in for a treat.

I signed up for Basic Theta and Holy Fire Reiki, and was so lit up I continued on! Little did I know just how much taking her classes would shift my world forever. Sara has a way of breaking down complex information that is easy to understand and comprehend. She also uses her real life experiences as examples of healing that make you feel safe, comfortable and heard in a way that allows you to be more open to allow the healing process to unfold for you.
I can’t recommend taking her classes enough. She has been paramount in my healing, and helping me bring Theta AND Reiki healing into my career as another service that I can offer.

Thank you Sara Gasch for coming into my life at JUST the right moment! There are NO coincidences and I’m forever grateful for you and your gifts!
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