Allowing Ourselves to Connect as Healers in True Community.

Feb 29 / Sara Gasch

The path of a healer has historically been challenging. We hold the wounds of the healer from our ancestors, the collective consciousness, and our own experiences in this life. We hold connections, beliefs and trauma from the stories and experiences of the midwives of old, the healers labeled witches, the country doctors, the seers, the gypsies, the medicine men and woman, the shamans path and so much more…. It has been a path filled with responsibility and duty, difficulty, loneliness and pain. It has at times been deeply unsafe to be a healer, to step into the light and BE who our heart wants to be.

Healers often carry beliefs that can be limiting, such as the need to be alone, sacrificing themselves, hiding their gifts, taking on others pain, or not trusting others. These beliefs often lead to disconnection and competition with other healers. As a community and individually we have seen this shadow aspect and are choosing to heal the collective trauma within ourselves, our families and our communities. When we do this, we help to heal the collective trauma as a whole.

Because of this, there is a shift happening in the healing community. As we heal our own wounds and beliefs, we can connect with other healers in true community. We can support each other's gifts and shine together without dimming each other's light. We can honor our individuality and live our purpose in connection. We all have the potential to be healers for each other.

To reflect this shift, I will be doing a spotlight feature with a different healer each month. It's time to celebrate the beautiful gifts that healers bring to the world and to support each other on our collective healing journey.

Healer Spotlight:

This month please allow me to introduce: Dawn Marie Letourneau. Not only is she a beautiful human being, but she has a gift as an editor, specializing in spiritual writing. She has been a godsend to me, editing my manuals and channeled writing with equal skill. It has been an honor to work with her as part of my team. If you need someone that will honor your work and message and proofread in a way that maintains its integrity than I highly recommend Dawn.
Dawn Marie Letourneau
Editor: Spiritual writing

  •  Books on spirituality
  • Workshop books and pamphlets
  • Proofreading spiritual presentations (Powerpoint and Prezi)
  • Content development- helping you figure out to express your ideas and organize your documents

My name is Dawn and I’ve been on my own spiritual journey since 2016. It has led me to a place I couldn’t even imagine, traveling around the world and teaching in Asia. Many people have asked me how I got here. FAITH.  Faith in myself, faith in the journey and faith in humanity. As I’ve grown and healed myself, I realized that I can help others with my gifts.

 I have been an English professor for some time, editing and proofreading student and colleagues’ writing. A spiritual friend of mine asked me to edit a book that she is writing. We found ourselves having discussions on spiritual guidance and how this writing fits in today’s society. She said these conversations are something I wouldn’t have with another editor. As I do this work, I realize that I can add my own touch of spiritual energy to editing/proofreading and I feel it adds a beautiful aspect to any piece one writes.

As the world continues to grow in love and light, people are awakening. More spiritual souls will be doing their work and will be compensated for their gifts.  As this happens, I feel that my gifts can contribute to your work. If you are interested in learning more about the services I offer, please reach out at or contact me at 774 526 2187
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