1 hr Recording from session 10/20/23

Divine Fusion Sound Experience

Combining Intuitive Reiki, Empowered by Unconditional Divine Love, Sacred Sound, Light frequency technologies, Meditation for heart field activation & empowered intention to transcend limitations
What you are going to Experience

Divine Fusion Sound Experience Recording from 10/20/2023

Merging sound with consciousness in a Divine experience.  

The intention with these experiences is to Connect you to your inherent divinity and ability to manifest your dreams.  We will be setting sacred space, calling in your Divine team, activating your highest timeline and transcending your limitations.


  • Intuitive Reiki, Empowered by Unconditional Divine Love
  • Sacred Sound.  May include tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes, drum, voice activations
  • Light frequency technologies & alignments:  By activating the light within we expand our consciousness and begin to align to our highest potential.
  • Meditation for Heart Field Activation and Empowered intention to transcend limitations.
During this experience I will be guided by the energy of Unconditional Divine Love, Source, Creation.  My intention is to support you in the experience you would like to receive based on your intention.  We will be taking time to get into right alignment with your intention to manifest for the highest outcome at the beginning of the session.   

Some of the benefits include:
  • Vibrations of sound have been found to work on a cellular level and over time can change an individual's brain wave patterns.  This can assist you in entering into a state of calm.  Allowing your body, mind and Soul  to experience peace within.

  • Singing Bowls often induce a theta state of being. Theta opens us to the Universe and the knowledge & love inherent within it.  When combined with Reiki you are receiving a reiki infusion directly through the sound waves, carried to every cell of your body.

  • Through muscle testing I have even been able to witness beliefs changing through the use of specific sounds to recalibrate our consciousness.

All energies present during the LIVE session are present in the recordings.  You may listen to it whenever you would like to set a new intention. 

How to prepare for your experience:

 Have on hand a journal to write your intentions and to journal after.  Be prepared to listen and receive.  Allow yourself space to just BE.  The recording will be calling in and activating your own individual energy transmission.  Each time you choose to listen will be a new experience. 

Headphones are recommended.  

Total Recording Time is 1 hour, 5 minutes long.  

Sara Gasch

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive, Healer, Channel to Divine Beings, Light Language & Sacred Divine DNA Activations

Certified Master ThetaHealing ® Teacher & Practitioner, Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing, Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki Teacher, Advanced Hand Analyst, Stone Medicine Practitioner, Vibrational Healer, Certified Light Language Activator. Sara Gasch is the creator and founder of Soul Purpose Mapping™- Practitioner Certification Course and Intuitive Reiki, Empowered by Unconditional Divine Love Certification Course.
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