Recording from live workshop, November 20 @6pm MST

Reclaiming Worthiness

When you know your worth, you sit at the table of abundance, joy, gratitude, faith, integrity and ease.   
What you are going to learn

Reclaiming your worthiness.

Worthiness is one of the primary life lessons as shown in the fingerprints.  It is ruled by Saturn and is the hardest taskmaster.  Within it's realm are layers of subconscious programming, emotional wounding, and negative karma, affecting every aspect of our lives.

When in negative expression, i.e. unworthiness, you may experience profound feelings of guilt, judgement, not good enough, needing to apologize.  It may show up in "having to be perfect", money issues, organization issues, relationship issues, chronic people pleasing, and in a total lack of joy.

 The lesson is to realize that YOU ARE WORTHY.....  You are here to be unapologetically you.  To live in deep integrity to your values, with faith, joy, ease, gratitude, grace and abundance.

This workshop is meant to align, awaken, and bring healing to this deep wound while also shining a light into the heart of the truth that Divine deeply wants you to experience.  

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

- C.G. Jung

What you receive from this 2 hour recording of a Live workshop: 

  • Setting Sacred Space 
  • Diving into the wisdom of the Soul Purpose Map and the challenges presented within this lesson.
  • Opening a portal for Divine to speak the truth about this wound and connect you to your sacred identity.
  • Diving into the stories we tell ourselves, based upon the history we have been a part of.  
  • Guided into a meditation to connect to your heart field and receive alignments, belief clearing, downloads,  healings and activations to resolve deep karmic conditioning and patterns all the way back to your Codes of Illusion.
  • When you become conscious you are empowered to create from truth instead of illusion.  Reclaiming your worthiness in every moment.

This workshop is combining sacred wisdom about this lesson and healing energy to dissolve the illusion.

All energies present during the LIVE session are present in the recordings. You may listen to it whenever you would like to set a new intention. 

Sara Gasch

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive, Healer
Registered Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Certified Master ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Instructor with a Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing. Certified Advanced Hand Analyst through the International Institute of Hand Analysis. Sara Gasch is the creator and founder of Soul Purpose Mapping™- Practitioner Certification Course.Intuitive Reiki & Divine Fusion Healing Experiences.
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